What is job of a casino pit boss?

A casino pit is a part of casino with tables to play games like Blackjack, Craps etc. The casino pit will be under the supervision of casino pit boss. Casino pit boss is also well known as a pit manager and a gaming supervisor, who supervises the entire casino pit with full powers either to take action on anyone in the casino whenever needed or do whatever pit boss wants to do. Pit boss observes everyone in the casino and stops them from violating the rules and also let the dealers stick to the standards of the gaming commission. Pit boss should possess many qualities like being polite, humble, honest, kind, obedient, calm with peace of mind, and last but not the least he should be always smiling to handle the members at casino without bursting his stress out, in the form of anger or any other action.

Pit boss has the powers to either hire or fire the employees at the casino. He can even train the employees if they are newly appointed with basic knowledge how to work in that particular environment. Pit boss schedules the timetable for the employees. Pit boss monitors the employee’s work and behaviour. Pit boss takes care of the payment and leaves of every employee. Pit boss makes sure that each and every employee be punctual at casino. That is how a pit boss supervises the employees.

Pit boss even monitors the security measures to be taken at the casino. Pit boss monitors the security system designed and keeps updates. Pit boss even handles the dealers, cashiers and customers at the casino. Pit boss observes how the cash is being transformed and makes sure that no amount is misplaced.

Pit boss takes care of the gaming machines and make sure that there is no problem in the software, by consulting the gaming analysts more frequently. Gaming analysts work on designing the games at the casino as well as designing the online casino games.

Pit boss has to maintain good contacts with the customers. Pit boss has to handle the customers himself by guiding them at the casino. While playing games, rewards will be given to the player with many bonus facilities to experience the flavours of the game and attract the customers to play most frequently and give energetic performance again and again. While playing games disputes may occur between the players which can be controlled only by the pit boss. Thus pit boss protects the game and the players. Pit boss is the only person with managerial skills to handle both the employees and customers at casino. Pit boss will be working with license at the casino. Pit boss is superior to dealers.