How to Anonymously Play Casino Online?

Most players don’t mind giving their true details to online casino sites as they are well reputed and the identity of players is very much respected. However if you still don’t want to reveal your true details here are some ways how you can play casino online anonymously:

A unique casino account:

This is the first step in playing casino online anonymously. You must create an email address just to play online casino. It should be associated with your personal and professional usage. If you use a different user name other than what you usually use. This will make your user name all the more anonymous.

Register only in a trusted online casino site:

No matter how much you try to stay anonymous, it won’t matter if you play on an untrusted online casino site. There is a high probability that it may be fake or might leak private and confidential data. This can highly compromise your anonymity. Be sure only to register in a very trusted online casino site only. This increases your anonymity thousand folds.

Use a different mailing address:

Avoid providing your real mailing address. This is because when you make withdrawals, the cheque comes to your mailing address and should not be you’re your address. If this doesn’t work, sign up for a third party web wallet to take care of the transactions.

Bitcoin casinos:

This is a new and uprising concept in online casinos. Though you stay anonymous using Bitcoin, many of the online casino platforms are accepting it. You can deposit, bet and withdraw in Bitcoin. This will surely ensure your anonymity when making transactions in online casinos.

Protect your IP address:

The above steps will all go on in vain if you don’t change your IP address. A person can easily be identified by their IP address. To mask your IP address you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN/VPS) in a different region. To the online casino servers your IP address is the one you masked using VPN. This is a beneficial way of staying anonymous.

Avoid socializing:

It is hard to control yourself from socializing on online casinos platform. This is a psychological manipulation that can extract your personal information and you can lose all your anonymity. It is suggested that you should immediately turn off all chat boxes and other such features. Furthermore also disable all email notifications to your email address.

Always be aware and vigilant:

Always remember to stay vigilant and aware when you are playing online casino. Don’t use your real personal details when asked for. Give your own sweet time before taking any decision.

The end objective is to have fun and live the thrilling experience of playing in an online casino.